Press release The upcoming exhibition by Bernd R. Alder is dedicated to the theme " Urban Nature " especially. A city life itself is mapped on his paintings. The green zones and the lake in the town are therefore at the center, thus green is one of the main colors of this performance. The works by the artist is based on an expressionist approach. The images are characterized by a conscious composition of blue, yellow, red and green, which are bright and this gives the paintings an explicit intensity. The colors are both linear and blotchy set side by side and in contrast, you also find harmoniously painted images. Brushwork is evident; with the brush direction differs with each plant. Details on the pictures to be handled with the help of simplified forms. A work of Alder thus influences mental state of a viewer and green must also ensure a balancing and regenerating the spectator, thereby mainly positive thinking triggered. The color melody in the image represents therefore a communication between the artist and the audience. Bernd Alder studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris and Montpellier. Anatomical characters fresco technique and expressionist painting made ​​focus of his studies. The artist lives and works in Zurich and also in southern France. His role models famous painters such as Matisse, Kandinsky, Delacroix and Van Gogh are counted.